The iBac Personal Water Tester ™ is an EPA and ISO compliant bacteria tester for water.

The technical term for this scientifically accurate device is a nephelometer; a photodetector for measuring turbidity by reading light scattered from particles in water.

The iBac will detect turbidity which can be caused by bacteria, or the absence of turbidity in clear liquids, specifically to EPA and ISO standards for drinking water.




1. Ease of use - One button operated.

2. A trained professional is not needed to operate the iBac.

3. Ready for use – Single, fixed Ultra High-Quality Laboratory grade sample test vial.

4. Fast – Accurate Results In Less Than 45 seconds.

5. Eliminates Unnecessary Water Purification.

6. Reusable and Low Maintenance – Easy To Clean Just Rinse With RO (Reverse Osmosis) Or Distilled Water.

7. Easy to Read – Water quality is rated. No understanding of numerical turbidity readings needed.

8. Portable - Uses AAA batteries - No lithium batteries that are prohibited on airlines.

9. Environment Friendly – Requires No Chemicals – No Hazardous Waste Disposal Problem.

10. By using accepted test standards, detects turbidity (bacteria) which is invisible to the human eye.

11. Compact – 4" long x 3.25" deep x 4.375" high - (11.4 cm l x 8.26 cm d x 11.11 cm h).

12. Light Weight – 1 LB 1.2 OZ – (488 grams).


eMail: Sales@iBacShop.com


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