How to place an order.

1. On the iBacShop Main page, Click/Tap on the Product tab, then Login or Register, if you are a new customer.

2. View Product Detail by clicking on desired product iBac Personal Water Tester (tm) or accessories.

NOTE: Volume product orders are available via Special Order only.
email: or call (831) 264-8486 for a call back.

3. On the Product Detail page select the product and ad to your cart the quantity you need then click to submit order.

4. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Please review your order details.

5. Purchase Orders are accepted with 50% with initial order and 50% payment due 30 days from product delivery date.

Purchase Orders are accepted via PDF attached to email: .

6. Payment by PayPal is accepted. An invoice will be sent and the product will ship upon payment

Checks are also accepted.

Please access shopping cart and submit order via Product tab on the Main page.

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