The iBac Personal Water Tester™ was developed to meet the needs of private individuals who require immediate and accurate information as to the quality of their drinking water. The creators of the iBac have many years of experience with primary drinking water standards approved by the EPA. The background of the inventors also includes many years of professional computer programming and hardware expertise. In addition, one of the creators has both a Masters in Public Health as well as a Masters in Regional Planning from the University of Michigan. Several years of R&D have gone into the preparation of this commercial product. The iBac has been verified as accurate by an independent drinking water testing laboratory that is certified by the State of California to do EPA 180.1 bacteria test for drinking water.




As guardians of the nation’s water supply, we want bacteria-free water for our families and children. Accurate water quality measurements matter. The iBac Personal Water Tester™ provides the fastest most accurate water quality measurements while not requiring any specialty training in bacteria measurement.





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